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18 November 2008



i lived in seattle for four months back in 2006. it was a bittersweet.
while i enjoyed the city, the people, the arts, ultimately i didnt feel right. so i moved home. the hardest part was leaving  some of the most incredible people i have ever met.

now i visit once a year, using Goodwill's Glitter Sale as my excuse.
this is my third year attending.
this is how it goes: i go to the glitter sale. i buy a ridiculous sequin dress. then i wear it on the new year's eve. this will be my 4th year.
(mickey avalon 2006 / san fran 2007)
we get there earlier each year. yet never early enough to be first in line. this year we we got there at 7am, TWO whole hours before it started and we were still 89th, 90th, 91st. at least thats better than last year (we were around 150th). however, this year was COMPLETE mayhem. i have NEVER, in all my three years, seen so many people. by 8 am the line had already extended past the end of the building. (usually that doesn't happen until 5 minutes before doors open). as we walked out, the line was  through the store, along the outside of the building, and all the way to the bridge!

i got lucky enough to grab a neiman marcus Black Tie Label light pink silk dress with silver bead-work. $20. im probably going to cut out the shoulder pads. regardless, i think this dress will be a great start for 2009.

 i also got a dark brown and black fur cape-let. (i know. weird, a vegetarian who wears fur). and some jewelry. 

overall, success!