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15 January 2009



i love making resolutions. as previously stated, i enjoy change. 
furthermore, goals are motivating. its easier to get where you're going when you have a destination. 

so here are these years resolutions:

1. be nicer to people. 
what i really mean is, i want to be genuinely nicer to everyone. i want to make people's day. i want to take  genuine interest other people and make them feel special. as i have learned from my sister a little caring can go a long way. taking a moment out of your day to ask someone, "how are you today?" can really get you far in life (as well as free cab rides). 

2. talk to strangers. 
i mean, why not? you never know who you might meet. (this kind of ties in with the previous one)

3. think positively.
whatever the mind can believe and conceive, you can achieve. right?

4. decrease my "carbon footprint."
to be honest, i'm not really sure i believe in global warming. think what you want, but i don't think there is enough evidence.  regardless, i still believe that we need to take better care of the earth. this means taking the bus/riding my bike whenever possible. taking shorter showers. recycling better. etc. being vegan?

5. be myself.
im weird. it's true. and recently i miss that about me.

there you have it.
i think those are good enough aspirations for the new year.

so, what are yours?