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17 December 2008



im just like my mother. i constantly need change. i get bored easily.
im always re-organizing, re-arranging, and re-doing things.
im on a constant quest to make things better, to find a new challenge, to experience new things.
i also like to act on my impulses or act without thinking, which often gets me in trouble. but i guess i like the attention.

one thing that im very impulsive about is my hair.
i LOVE to cut and dye it, from platinum blond to black. 
& its always been short. 

my hair obsession started the summer before 8th grade. i was in london for my cousin's wedding.  it was dirty blond about to my shoulders. my mom and i were doing one of those city tours on the double decker bus. we passed by a hair salon with a  picture of a model sporting a sexy pixie cut in the window. we both looked at each other and 2 hours later  later my hair was only an inch and half long. (i wish i had more pictures)
that lasted about a year. from then on i had what my mom likes to call, "the courtney cut." (she still calls it that today when she is doing her bi-weekly "cut your hair" guilt trip). which is a bob. short in back and long in the front.

what can i say? i have a problem.
however, the past few years ive been refraining from cutting and dyeing it, which has proven quite difficult.  i even had a minor rebellion last march and went cool-aid red for a few months. i still get the urge to just chop it all off. luckily i have friends who remind me of all the hard work ive been putting in. 

currently, its a dirty blond color. i'm still growing it out. ironically enough, it's also been a dream of mine to have it longer than my boobs.   clearly, ive never been able to achieve this goal. ive never even been close. but now im finally getting there. 

then i can cut it all off again! i mean why the hell not?

01 December 2008



here is a rare treat for you.
if you get the chance go outside and look at the moon. you will see two bright stars next to it. those two stars are Jupiter and Venus.  you won't see that alignment for another 30 years. it will be in the sky for the next few days! don't miss your chance.