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23 November 2009


i want to go to iceland.

why you might ask.
1. nobody goes there and i like being different.
plus ive been to europe so im kind of over that.
i would like to go to india but its uber expensive.

and iceland is so cheap right now!
look at some fun things to do...

hiking to waterfalls/geysers - LOVE


GLACIER SAFARI (i don't even know what this is an i'm already excited for it!)

NORTHERN LIGHTS!!!!!! (i can cross that off of my life of things to do before i die)

hot springs (if you don't know how i feel about hot springs then you must not know me)


17 November 2009


best glitter sale yet.
this year the finley's joined me (from california), along with caitlin, whitney, kate, and later garrett.
we went at 5:30 am. and we were about 20th in line!

everyone got amazing stuff this year.
& i got blogged about by this guy

who drew this...
and wrote this...
"Those two weren't the only Glitter Sale veterans in attendance. Courtney, a California native, has made the Glitter Sale a part of her holiday shopping for four years now. She plans her trips to the Northwest to coincide with the Glitter Sale because there's no other event that combines shopping and giving in such a fun and stylish way. Courtney was in search of some jewelry and accessories to complement the mink fur coat she found at last year's sale".

- Pemco Northwest

and i scored this which was featured on the glittersale blog
it looks like penny lane's from almost famous

i can't wait for next years!