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27 December 2009

parental advice

my parents give the best advice.

mom: don't worry courtney. i mean people love fat people; people love ugly people.
me: so you're saying i'm fat and ugly?
mom: no, what i'm saying is its not you.
me: so how is this supposed to help?
mom just laughs

after talking about all of my dads achievements and nerdiness.
me: dad, where can i meet a man like you? should i go hang out at hospitals?
dad: try e-harmony.

23 December 2009

remembering the simple times

23 November 2009


i want to go to iceland.

why you might ask.
1. nobody goes there and i like being different.
plus ive been to europe so im kind of over that.
i would like to go to india but its uber expensive.

and iceland is so cheap right now!
look at some fun things to do...

hiking to waterfalls/geysers - LOVE


GLACIER SAFARI (i don't even know what this is an i'm already excited for it!)

NORTHERN LIGHTS!!!!!! (i can cross that off of my life of things to do before i die)

hot springs (if you don't know how i feel about hot springs then you must not know me)


17 November 2009


best glitter sale yet.
this year the finley's joined me (from california), along with caitlin, whitney, kate, and later garrett.
we went at 5:30 am. and we were about 20th in line!

everyone got amazing stuff this year.
& i got blogged about by this guy

who drew this...
and wrote this...
"Those two weren't the only Glitter Sale veterans in attendance. Courtney, a California native, has made the Glitter Sale a part of her holiday shopping for four years now. She plans her trips to the Northwest to coincide with the Glitter Sale because there's no other event that combines shopping and giving in such a fun and stylish way. Courtney was in search of some jewelry and accessories to complement the mink fur coat she found at last year's sale".

- Pemco Northwest

and i scored this which was featured on the glittersale blog
it looks like penny lane's from almost famous

i can't wait for next years!

31 October 2009



"Robert Pattinson and Zac - they're just too pretty with the big hair and the suits. And Rob is, what, 22? Zac is 21? That's a joke. Boys in their twenties are a waste of time. They have nothing to offer conversationally; they're immature. I feel like I have a better shot with someone in his thirties."

i think Megan Fox is the only person who gets me.

she says what she thinks and does what she wants.

14 October 2009



my three essentials to happiness:
-something to do (work, school)
-something to hope for (SF, Seattle, GLITTER SALE!)
-someone to share it with (christina, megan, aaron, shea, garrett, laurie, etc.)

courtney = !!!!!!!!

30 July 2009



you know how there are those people that don't like birthdays; they never tell people it's their birthday, they don't think its a big deal... well i am not one of those people. i LOVE birthdays, especially mine. i think we should celebrate the fact that we are alive and have survived one more year. that's why every year, i throw myself a big party.

This year however, i did not throw myself a party. This is slightly ironic because i've celebrated every other insignificant birthday, except for the "big milestones." i had a party on my 15th birthday. but i didn't do anything on my 16th. i guess getting my license was enough. then every year following i had a party: my 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th. then again my 21st rolls around, which is a HUGE one and again no party.

this year i had many small celebrations...

first i celebrated with my family in portland.
my first drink! toasting with the woman who made me happen: HANS!
out in seattle!

then when i came home my best friend came from SF to celebrate in LA with me!

loves it..

19 July 2009



i think im experiencing post-travel depression, or something along those lines.

i have no motivation to do anything... at all.
i dont want to work. i dont want to go to school..

which is bizarre.
i normally love school, i love working, i love working hard, i love the challenge.
now im feeling lazy.
this isnt like me.

on the flip side. next week i will be celebrating my sweet six... twenty-first birthday.

maybe that will pull me out of my funk.

14 July 2009



paris was inspirational.

barcelona was paradise.

london was adorable.

08 May 2009


CRIED BY: Courtney

i will be in Paris in 45 days.

i cannot wait!

27 February 2009


here is another rare treat for you.
tonight and tomorrow night.
 venus will be so close to the moon that you will be able to see the... dark side of the moon. check it out!



1. go to a drive-in movie
2. spend $1000 in a store in one visit
3.  learn another language
4. tell each person how much i appreciate them and the difference they have made in my life
5. fly an airplane
6. shave my head 
7. write a book
8. read the book "this book will change your life" and do everything it says
9. go to every continent (5 down - 2 to go)
10. learn to scuba dive
11. change someone's life
12. fall in love (again)
13. get my heart broken (again)
14. run a marathon
15. grow a garden
16. start a charity
17. swim in a fountain
18. build a fort in a living room and sleep in it
19. play strip poker (for reals)
20. get married
21. start a family
22. paint a self-portrait
23. learn to ballroom dance
24. stay out all night dancing and go to work the next day without having gone home
25. find a job i love
26. have no shame
27. sleep under the stars
28. go on an african safari
29. be myself
30. love myself whole-heartedly

05 February 2009



"I didn't always know what I wanted to do, but I always knew the woman I wanted to be - I knew I wanted to be a woman who was independent, a woman who was in the driving seat, a woman who didn't need for the man to decide."
   -- Diane Von Furstenberg
(image credit -

i believe that this quote mirrors my life right now. to be completely honest, i'm still not sure what i want to do when i "grow up." yes, i am slowly figuring things out. yes, my possible career choices are beginning to narrow. yet, specifics? not so much.

i wish i was one of those people who knew their destiny from the moment they were born. but i'm not. 

in spite of this, there is one thing i do know, the woman that i want to be. 
i want to be a woman who is independent, a woman who works hard, a woman who is respected, a woman who believes in herself.

15 January 2009



i love making resolutions. as previously stated, i enjoy change. 
furthermore, goals are motivating. its easier to get where you're going when you have a destination. 

so here are these years resolutions:

1. be nicer to people. 
what i really mean is, i want to be genuinely nicer to everyone. i want to make people's day. i want to take  genuine interest other people and make them feel special. as i have learned from my sister a little caring can go a long way. taking a moment out of your day to ask someone, "how are you today?" can really get you far in life (as well as free cab rides). 

2. talk to strangers. 
i mean, why not? you never know who you might meet. (this kind of ties in with the previous one)

3. think positively.
whatever the mind can believe and conceive, you can achieve. right?

4. decrease my "carbon footprint."
to be honest, i'm not really sure i believe in global warming. think what you want, but i don't think there is enough evidence.  regardless, i still believe that we need to take better care of the earth. this means taking the bus/riding my bike whenever possible. taking shorter showers. recycling better. etc. being vegan?

5. be myself.
im weird. it's true. and recently i miss that about me.

there you have it.
i think those are good enough aspirations for the new year.

so, what are yours?