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30 July 2009



you know how there are those people that don't like birthdays; they never tell people it's their birthday, they don't think its a big deal... well i am not one of those people. i LOVE birthdays, especially mine. i think we should celebrate the fact that we are alive and have survived one more year. that's why every year, i throw myself a big party.

This year however, i did not throw myself a party. This is slightly ironic because i've celebrated every other insignificant birthday, except for the "big milestones." i had a party on my 15th birthday. but i didn't do anything on my 16th. i guess getting my license was enough. then every year following i had a party: my 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th. then again my 21st rolls around, which is a HUGE one and again no party.

this year i had many small celebrations...

first i celebrated with my family in portland.
my first drink! toasting with the woman who made me happen: HANS!
out in seattle!

then when i came home my best friend came from SF to celebrate in LA with me!

loves it..


megan said...

what? No crappy picture of us at Benihana? what are we, chopped liver? or steak? or fish?

COURTNEY said...

i dont have a scanner! :(