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01 January 2010

love and other impossible pursuits

Late in 2008 I was jogging down the street on my way to hike Runyon Canyon when a lady stopped me mid-jog. She approached me and basically said some bullshit about my glowing aura and that she could sense that 2009 was going to be a very big year for me in terms of love and my career. She got a little deeper but I don't want to get into the details. Her words were very vague, I know, and she probably says that to everyone, which is why I really didn't take it all that seriously.

With that said, her words have remained in the back of my mind all year. Yes, she was right my career has definitely advanced and although I am not exactly where I want to be yet in terms of my career I am in a good place.  I also thought that "a big year in terms of love" meant that maybe I'd find someone special this year.  Not the case.

Last night at my neighbor Aaron's birthday party/new year's eve party I started talking to everyone about what the psychic told me and how I was pissed because she was wrong. In fact 2009 has been one of my most loveless years. However, what my friends so kindly pointed out last night was that 2009 actually was a huge year for me in terms of love.

I might not have found a boyfriend but I have been blessed with some new friends that have literally changed my life. I found a second family. The Finley-Quists. 

In 2007, I moved into an apartment in West Hollywood with Morgan, my friend from high school who is two years my senior. Morgan's older sister Megan, Megan's husband Aaron, and their best friends Amy and Ari also lived in the building.  It was a blast because! However, a few months later Morgan realized that LA was not the place for her so she moved out. This meant I had to find a new roommate. It also meant that Megan, Aaron, Amy, Ari and I stopped hanging out at much. On top of that my new roommate's line of work meant that he would rarely be home when I was.  Since I have never lived alone before I started to get really lonely. Part of the problem is that I find it hard to open myself up to new people. I don't like to get hurt (none of us do), so I keep a wall up. However, after spending many hours crying on the phone with my sister, she told me that I needed to put myself out there. People can't read minds, if you need help ask for it. So one night I told Megan, my neighbor that I've been getting really lonely since Morgan had moved out. She told me that if I ever felt lonely I was more than welcome to go up to their apartment to hang out.

Now a year later you will rarely find a night that I am not up there. Megan and Aaron have made me a part of their family, for which I am eternally grateful. They have changed my life and helped me find happiness. Something I never thought possible without a boyfriend. In fact, despite bad days or negative circumstances,  I am very happy more often then not. Which is the opposite of my mental state at this time last year. 

So long story short, yes, as Oliver, Megan, and Aaron, so kindly pointed out, the psychic was right. 2009 was a big year for me in terms of love. I feel so incredibly blessed to have such incredible and amazing new and old friends! I am so lucky. 

As they say, boyfriends will come and go but family is forever.



i'm glad youre keeping up with the blog! loved reading this one. i'm really glad youre happy :) cant wait to come visit!!!!

COURTNEY said...

aww thank you! i cant wait to see you!

megan said...

WOW! this made me cry. I love you so much and I love our Finley-Quist family. It has made me just as happy.

COURTNEY said...

yayy love actually is all around!