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22 January 2010

the time has come the walrus said

i'm starting to get the itch again. the "i've-been-in-one-place-for-to-long" itch. 
i'm feeling the need for travel, the need for adventure. maybe it's because i fell asleep to the lizzie mcguire movie last night.

who knows? but for some reason i really want to go somewhere tropical. although i've been to a few tropical places, hawaii, fiji, it's usually not my idea. my ideal travel destinations are typically places like Spain, Iceland, India: places that have history, culture, and beautiful landscapes. i like vacations where i try to pack in as much sight seeing and exploring as possible.

however, this is not the case right now. im not sure why but i really just want to go somewhere with a beach. so that i can go to that beach and never leave for the entire vacation. i want to do nothing, which is SO NOT me! 

anyway, this has inspired me to share some stories/photos from our family trip to fiji. every summer marta  tooma leads a mission trip to fiji. since the tooma's are our good family friends we got lucky enough to tag along! 

this was the village where we stayed for 10 days! the building on the left behind the boat is the medical/dental clinic.
all the women on the trip stayed in two dorms. each dorm had 12 beds.
we had to sleep with mosquito nets over our beds as to not get eaten alive.
luxurious showers/bathrooms not attached to the dorm.
so here is the bathroom story.  during our trip we drank so much water (because it was SO FREAKING HOT) that every night in the middle of the night i would have to get up to pee. well it's pitch black out there, and night time means mosquitos, loud scary frogs, and other creepy crawlies. in the beginning of the trip each night i would get up and make the scary trip to the bathroom with only my flash light and myself sometimes when i just couldn't brave it alone i'd wake my mom up. well one day i shared this with a few other people on the trip. turns out everyone had that same fear/problem. so we made a rule, if you woke up in the middle of the night and needed to go to the bathroom, you would get up quietly, flash your flashlight a few times, say bathroom twice, and see if anyone else needed to go. at first people were still hesitant to say bathroom as not to wake anyone else up. however, on the second to last night there one girl got up whispered bathroom twice and soon practically our entire dorm got up to pee!

on the way to the cannibal caves. yes thats a spider. yes i touched it. (our fijian "tour guide" said nothing in fiji is poisonous. he lied) 
sea cucumber...
... on veronica's hand.

anyway, i need a vacation. i need an adventure.


megan said...

yay!!! I love these photos. and i'm super jealous. I really really really hope our Mexican vaca dreams come to fruition!