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08 February 2010


i am officially unemployed now. 
in most cases unemployment is really bad.
however i am taking this as an opportunity for a vacation. 
although i am still job hunting i am trying to make the most of my time off. not to mention i've been working nonstop for a long time now and i need a break. people keep telling me this is the world's way of giving me a break so i should take advantage and i AM!

im taking this time to do all of the things i used to love doing but never had time for anymore.
like photography!

& in honor of new my new job as an assistant photographer/second shooter to Megan Finley I have been inspired me to share some photos from the first wedding i ever shot!

mark & linda's wedding
mark & linda got married on a beach in san clemente

the wedding party

the reception

see more at my flickr!